The Nezabudka App

"Forget-me-not" is a mobile application that provides comprehensive support to patients: it reminds you of taking medications, provides special prices for medications, helps to establish communication with the attending physician.

You can download the app from Google Play, IOS version will be available soon.

The Challenge

To improve the interface of existing app, to make it clearer especially for elderly people who are not used to working with mobile devices. To make not only an Android but an IOS version of the app.

The Process

After some research, we decided to use Google Material Design because our target group uses basically Android devices and is actually a very good design system.

So I start from wireframes where we’ve tested main interface functions.

In UI design stage we've polished all screens, and in the final tested overall UX (we were found with some issues 🙂 And finally screens went to developers via Zeplin.

Since we used Material Design we followed the design system guidelines. All colors are from the customers brand book.

The Solution

User tests showed that the new version is much easier to use for our target group. The new app has the clear and clean interface.

Password screen.

Contacts screen.

Registration process screen.

Bottom menu.

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