Arud App

The Arud app helps you to track your consumption habits in a simple and safe way. There are two app versions for iPhone and for Android devices.

The Challenge

To create an app that tracks habit consumption of different category substances. With an ability to make reports, set goals, and check your state with the internal test.

The Process

As usual, I start from prototyping. I do wireframes in Adobe XD, and use Invision to make prototype dynamic. It is very important to test overall UX of the app.

Next stage is crafting real screens based on approved prototypes, for this purpose I use Sketch. We discuss and approve every screen with the client. And finally, I polish the screens and export them to Zeplin. There they can be found by the developers. 🙂

Font and colours are used from brand guidelines. The font Lumen is actually very suitable for this app due to its compactness. The main color is blue, inactive elements are mainly in shades of gray and red for alert purposes (like delete note).

Also I made illustrations for the on-boarding screens.

And icons for empty states.

The Solution

A minimalistic app with a clear and simple interface. The interface is mainly universal so the app comes in two versions for IOS, and for Android devices.

Reports screen.

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